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Tailored support for your day to day, we’ve got your back and your front, when it comes to infrastructure.

Everything Tableau in one place

Key Data uses Tableau to help people see and understand data. Organizations everywhere, from non-profits to global enterprises, and across all industries and departments, are empowering their people with data. With Key Data and Tableau they are finding opportunities in their business that they have never seen before.


DataRobot helps you focus on your most urgent problem. With DataRobot, you see how AI works within a defined scope. With rapid results, you can show the skeptics how AI drives real value.

Licensing &

Help Data Scientist do more with less. DataRobot use various different tools such as R, Python, Tensor Flow etc to build hundreds of models and find the one that best solves you business problems.


We stay with you for a set amount of time to ensure you deliver what you expected.


AI is no longer a luxury fictional tool, it is a necessity to help you get ahead of your competition. KeyData along with DataRobot provides the ideal combination of automated machine learning, comprehensive training, and professional services to make your vision real.