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Alteryx - KeyData partners

Alteryx is an all-in-one software package that allows you to create custom workflows to process and analyse your data without requiring any coding.Alteryx makes working with your data systems a breeze, by allowing quick and easy access to all kinds of data exploration and analytical tools. Alteryx is great for data preparation and ad-hoc analysis.

your Data

Alteryx allows you to create custom workflows and macros to process your data and solve your specific problems. Join the Alteryx community and download custom macros to make your work even easier.

All your data
in one place

Alteryx can connect to any datasource and allows you to join datasets from completely different sources easily and repeatably. No need to spend ages build a database for your ad-hoc inquiry

Complex Analytics
made simple

Alteryx comes with a large number of analytical nodes and tools, allowing you to develops models that work without having to do any coding.

Deployment &

Deploy across your organization with Alteryx Server – Empower your data operators to work faster, easier and more collaboratively than ever before while also supporting R & Python libraries allowing the power of open source analytics.