Transform Model Building

This is an automated machine learning platform that empowers users with no knowledge of machine learning or programming to build highly accurate predictive models in a short span of time, offering an enterprise machine learning platform that empowers users of all skill levels to make better predictions faster. Incorporating a library of hundreds of the most powerful open source machine learning algorithms, the DataRobot platform automates, trains and evaluates predictive models in parallel, delivering more accurate predictions at scale. DataRobot provides the fastest path to data science


With DataRobot, you see how AI works within a defined scope. With rapid results, AI drives real value.

Data Science

Help Data Scientist do more with less. DataRobot uses different tools such as R, Python, Tensor Flow etc.

Data Science

Automate the AI process by incorporating the knowledge of world-class data scientists.

AI Driven

AI is no longer a luxury fictional tool, it is a necessity to help you get ahead of your competition.