Data Warehouse

Build, automate & govern your businesses data assets

+85% of DataWarehouse projects fail.

Covering all fronts in a complex implementation can be challenging. The methodologies we use engages with stakeholders and deals with risk upfront.

Making it simple using industry leading tech

Managing handover, documentation, automation and all the complexity it involves made simple, that’s the power of KeyData x WhereScape.

Understanding the current situation is crucial

Increasing reporting requirements? multiple data sources? missing information or lack of confidence in KPI’s?

Engaging stakeholders throughout the journey

Work with our expert manager and data scientists to move up the AI ladder.

Design the data modela

We listen to the stakeholders point of view so we can collaboratively design.

Validate the documentation

Confirm requirements and expectations before starting the build.

Implement the automation

Use of industry leading automation tools to quickly build, itterate and deploy.

Support the adoption

Managing change through managed services tu support the transition.

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experience with us

Over the years we’ve had the chance to work with incredible companies, achieving great results and setting tbe bases for numerous partnerships and great friendships based on trust and expertise. health energy education finance logistics