DataDNA takes care of all your data needs, no matter how big, small or specialised.

DataDNA gives you access to all the value and insights your data can bring as a customised and managed service. You get all the benefits of data discovery combined with the reassurance that it’s all in the safe hands of our experts.

  • Fully customised, ongoing support service
  • Managed for you, from set-up through to version control
  • Ongoing annual subscription gives you spending certainty
  • No need for expensive server hardware purchases or server management
  • Approved Operational Expenditure (OpEx) item
  • Full access to all your data, dashboards and insights
  • Flexibility to scale as requirements change
  • Build your own visualisations… or let your DataDNA mentor create them for you
  • Complete platform maintenance, monitoring and incident management
  • Add-on bespoke extras to build the perfect data solution for you

You’ll get access to all DataDNA core services

  • Analytics and dashboarding using Tableau
  • Scheduled tableau content backup and restore service
  • Named user management
  • Data Security — who can see what
  • Version control
  • Platform maintenance, monitoring and incident management
  • Data preparation quality checks to allow optimised performance
  • Business Intelligence As A Service (BIAAS) master data management

And optional add-on, bespoke extras

  • Data strategy workshops and planning
  • Training
  • Data preparation
  • Dashboard and Visualization development
  • Data governance
  • Business analysis services
  • Consultancy

DataDNA is a customised service. Please call 1300 532 530 to find out how we can meet your organisation’s needs.