Tableau Accredited Training

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I am pleased to announce that I am now an Accredited Tableau Trainer, the first and only one in Queensland! This allows me to provide increased analysis capability within your organisation as well as to your organisation. Yes, I can help your staff to become proficient in using Tableau, building your organisation’s … Continued


Ralph Kimbal’s retirement

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This week Ralph Kimball and the crew at Kimball Group announced their retirement effective this coming December.  Ralph is the thought leader for database star or “Kimball” schema’s that are so dominant in data warehousing models.  Cognos data modelling is … Continued


Government Data Free For All

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Government OpenData Initiatives are becoming incredibly valuable and the Australian Governments at all levels are becoming increasingly aware of the value of making data openly available to the public.  The logic is they cannot afford the effort required to analyse and data mine … Continued

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